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7 different ways to style a coffee table

7 different ways to style a coffee table

  1. Minimalist Approach: Less is more. Keep it simple with just one or two items. This approach works well if you have a statement piece of furniture or a busy rug. For instance, you could place a single vase with fresh flowers in the center of the table or a candle.

  2. Symmetry: Place items symmetrically on the coffee table to create a clean and organized look. You could use a pair of identical items such as two candles or two books, for instance.

  3. Contrast: Create interest by using contrasting items such as a metallic tray on a rustic wooden table or a bright flower arrangement with a black and white book.

  4. Grouping: Group items together to create a cohesive look. Use items with similar colors or textures such as a stack of books, a tray, and a small vase with flowers.

  5. Tray Styling: Use a tray to corral items together on the coffee table. The tray can be used to display decorative items such as candles, books, and small accessories, and it can easily be removed to make space for other activities such as board games or food.

  6. Layering: Create depth and interest by layering items on the coffee table. Start with a stack of books or a decorative box and add smaller items on top such as a vase or a small plant.

  7. Seasonal Styling: Change up the decor on your coffee table based on the season or holiday. For example, in the fall, you could add a pumpkin or a vase with fall foliage, or in the winter, you could add a snow globe or a bowl of pinecones.

No matter what style you choose, remember to keep the coffee table clutter-free and functional, leaving plenty of space for drinks and snacks. Happy decorating!

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