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Furniture by Jackson

Our mission: Provide you a simple and trouble-free furniture shopping experience

From nature to living spaces, our artisans apply their skills to craft distinctive and sustainable solid wood furniture, from the design phase to the final delivery.

Competitive Pricing: Keeping Costs Low for You

Furniture by Jackson started in Northampton with a small, enthusiastic team. From the beginning, we wanted to control every aspect, ensuring we could offer our customers top-quality and durable solid wood furniture at the best prices by managing every link in the chain.

Direct relationships

We prioritize a strong supplier verification system to save time and money for our small business and customers. Our process ensures reliable and legitimate suppliers and manufacturers who share our vision and standards for quality and value.

Each piece of furniture is crafted using traditional assembly methods

Traditional assembly, without hardware, employs woodworking techniques for maximum strength and durability. This approach allows the wood to remain vibrant and responsive while maintaining robustness.

People, Process, Technology

We've partnered with skilled web developers and collaborated closely with our suppliers to create a streamlined process using ERP systems. This allows us to synchronise the stock between our website and our partner logistic centers, ensuring that the stock on our website is always up to date and your orders are processed quickly and efficiently.

Our commitments

Our commitment to sustainability runs deep. This is why, since 2019, we have been dedicated to providing natural solid-wood furniture. In an era where claims of sustainability can be vague or unproven, we stay true to our values, ensuring clear and transparent communication.