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A sustainable brand

Actions speak louder than empty promises

Our commitment to sustainability has been ingrained since 2018. We have consistently provided durable, solid wooden furniture designed to stand the test of time.

90% of our furniture is made of solid wood

Crafted from solid wood, our furniture maintains the inherent nobility of the tree with minimal processing, ensuring it requires limited energy. Our aim is to safeguard the enduring beauty of this material, which continues to thrive as a living entity throughout the lifespan of each furniture piece.

Lifetime guarantee with repairability: Sustained CO2 Capture

Solid wood possesses the benefit of easy repair, ensuring longevity and excellent recyclability, allowing it to be repurposed for new objects. Each wood plank represents captured CO2. Our goal is to maintain this carbon capture well into the future.

Each piece of furniture is crafted using traditional assembly methods

Traditional assembly, without hardware, employs woodworking techniques for maximum strength and durability. This approach allows the wood to remain vibrant and responsive while maintaining robustness.

Resource conservation initiative

In designing and selecting our furniture, we focus on minimizing material quantities to reduce environmental impact. Our partner manufacturer meticulously reviews our furniture, identifying and eliminating unnecessary parts like some back panels. Additionally, we repurpose offcuts, typically discarded, to create interior dividers and drawer panels.

Other commitments

Plastic free packaging

As a British company based in central Northampton, we witness the daily impact of plastic use. While we can't instantly clean up Northampton or the world, we are committed to playing our part in reducing plastic consumption.

Although cloth and paper alternatives may incur higher production and shipping costs, we believe it's our ethical duty to provide plastic-free options to our customers. Charging extra for environmentally friendly packaging doesn't align with our values. Therefore, we've decided not to change prices for plastic-free packaging, ensuring our high standards remain uncompromised.

We've begun the process and successfully removed plastic from the majority of our products. We commit to eliminating plastic packaging from all our products by the end of 2024.

Responsible forestry

We are deeply concerned about deforestation. Despite being a furniture company, we prioritise responsible forestry to support both thriving trees and generations of skilled artisans.

In our commitment to balance quality, handcrafted furniture with environmental responsibility, we have long pledged to only use wood from commercial regenerative plantations. For our solid mango furniture, we use wood from trees that have completed their commercial life, having produced mangoes. This ensures we utilize waste material that would otherwise be burned to make space for new saplings.

Note: If you wish to see any certification then please ask and we will provide you with the most up to date copy.

Supporting carbon mitigation projects

We're dedicated to environmental sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. That's why we proudly support Forest Carbon, an organisation focused on combating climate change through sustainable forestry practices. Our initiatives include creating new indigenous forests, preserving biodiversity, and enhancing woodland habitats.