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Exploring the Sustainable Journey of Mango Wood Furniture

Exploring the Sustainable Journey of Mango Wood Furniture

What is Mango Wood?

Solid mango wood, known for its strength and timeless beauty, features a lovely grain pattern that adds character to any room. Its light brown color with a hint of yellow brings a cozy warmth to interiors without darkening the decor. Mango wood is tough and dense, making it perfect for crafting durable furniture, kitchen essentials, and storage boxes. Whether you stain, oil, or paint it, mango wood remains a versatile choice for creating long-lasting furniture pieces.

Where does our mango wood furniture come from?

In our commitment to align quality, handcrafted furniture with our environmental responsibility, we have vowed to exclusively source wood from commercially sustainable plantations. Our solid mango furniture is crafted from trees that have completed their commercial lifespan of producing mangoes. This ensures that we utilise wood that would otherwise be discarded or burnt to accommodate new saplings.

All our timber adheres to EUTR regulations, guaranteeing responsible forestry practices.

This pledge remains pertinent and unwavering.

Embrace the natural characteristics present in our solid mango wood pieces. The variations in timber movement, knot arrangements, color batches, imperfections, and grain patterns contribute to the distinctiveness of each item. These features are essential elements of the handmade craft process and should be celebrated rather than viewed as flaws.

Your product isn't merely a mass-produced, soulless piece of wood churned out by machines in a factory. It embodies a living, breathing ecosystem that has found a new home in your living space. Each product has its own narrative to tell, and this is yours to cherish.

Why is mango wood sustainable?

Widely renowned for its delicious fruit, Mango trees also offer valuable and stunning wood. This wood is highly regarded for its eco-friendliness, as most Mango plantations harvest the trees for timber once they have completed their productive fruit-bearing cycle.

The Mango tree is a favorite among environmentally conscious individuals for several reasons. One of the primary reasons is its rapid growth to a suitable size for harvesting compared to other trees, allowing for swift replacement at intervals ranging from seven to 15 years.

Moreover, there is a cultural tradition of promptly utilizing Mango wood for construction and furniture following its felling, as decaying wood can release significant amounts of carbon dioxide. Similar to endangered species like teak, Mango wood usage helps mitigate the risk of extinction for threatened trees.

Protecting our mango wood Pieces: Ensuring Longevity and Beauty

We use a product called Biflex TC to safeguard our products against termites. Biflex offers the longest protection period against termites in a safe, environmentally friendly, and 'green' manner. It creates an invisible termite barrier, providing you with peace of mind, knowing that your investment has been professionally protected with the best available termiticide treatment.

When it comes to stains and wood finishes, we exclusively use best-in-class products.

Explore our collection of mango wood furniture here. 

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