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5 Tips to Style Your Shelves

5 Tips to Style Your Shelves

  1. Edit Your Items: The first step to styling your shelves is to take everything off and start fresh. Sort through your items and choose a selection that you love and that has meaning to you. Then, consider the function of the shelves and edit your items accordingly. For example, if your shelves are in your living room, you might want to include books, decorative objects, and family photos.

  2. Use Odd Numbers: When styling your shelves, it's best to use odd numbers of items. This creates a more visually appealing look that draws the eye. Try grouping three decorative objects together or using five books stacked together.

  3. Play with Heights: Varying the height of items on your shelves creates interest and depth. You can use books as risers to create different levels and to add a more dynamic look to your shelves. For example, place a stack of books on one side and a vase on top of the books.

  4. Mix Up Your Textures: Mixing up textures adds dimension and visual interest to your shelves. Try grouping together a woven basket, a vase, and a stack of books to create a varied texture display.

  5. Add Greenery: Plants and greenery add a touch of nature to your shelves and can help bring life to a room. You can use small potted plants, fresh flowers, or even dried branches to add a natural element to your shelves.

Remember, when styling your shelves, it's important to balance functionality with style. Don't overload your shelves with too many decorative items, and leave some space for practical storage items. By using these tips, you can create a beautifully styled and organized display that showcases your personality and adds charm to your home.

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